UNIFI’s Textile Takeback recycles polyester waste into traceable raw materials.

REPREVE® Textile Takeback™ spool of yarn

The Problem

From fabric production waste to discarded products, 92 million tons of textile waste ends up in landfills every year and over 15% of fabric in clothing production ends up on the cutting room floor.*

The Solution

UNIFI’s Textile Takeback reduces fabric production waste by transforming it into raw material. We’re helping the global fashion industry move towards zero waste.

Our Process:
From factory floor to sales floor

We empower brands to be better and make better with a turnkey polyester recycling solution. Our process transforms fabric waste into fiber and yarn to make new, sustainable products.

Our Process - Fiber Waste

01. Fabric Waste

Fabric waste is collected

Our Process - Waste Shredded

02. Waste Is Shredded

Waste is shredded and enters a unique material conversion process to create REPREVE® resin (fabric waste may be combined with recycled plastic bottle flake)

Our Process - REPREVE® Resin

03. REPREVE Resin

REPREVE resin is formed

Our Process - REPREVE® Yarn

04. REPREVE Recycled Fiber

Resin is melted and made into REPREVE staple fiber or yarn

How to get involved

Our transparent and certified program offers brands a flexible solution for both their waste and production cycles.

A. Clean up your impact

Recycle your polyester waste.

01. Confirm waste composition

Identify that your product meets all of the waste requirements

02. Submit for approval

Submit your samples for testing and gain approval

03. Collect and ship

Once approved collect your waste, package it and ship to UNIFI

B. Join the sustainability journey

Produce your products with our traceable REPREVE yarn or staple fiber made from Textile Takeback

C. Do Both


Fueled by waste and technology

We’re the people behind REPREVE, the world’s leading brand of recycled performance fiber. We have transformed billions of recycled plastic bottles into polyester yarn. Textile Takeback uses this proprietary technology to give textile waste a second life.

Steps towards circularity

UNIFI’s Textile Takeback process and REPREVE are innovative solutions for helping the global textile and fashion industries move towards circularity. Keeping materials and products in circulation helps prevent waste from ending up in landfills.


Ready to be part of the solution?

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Textile Takeback is a trademark of Unifi, Inc. *Source cited at: Earth.org

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